One Twelve Gallery Presents “Love and Ping Pong”


One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park proudly presents a new one night exhibition, Love and Ping Pong, works by Diana Prescott Sandrini.

Diana Prescott Sandrini

One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park presents “Love and Ping Pong,” an exhibition of works by Diana Prescott Sandrini.

Sandrini’s acute observation and deft hand skills are evident in this collection of drawings, and their large size lends itself to her rapid and loose drawing style. Charcoal and white space hold equal footing in the work, making one just as important as the other.

Says Sandrini of the show’s title, “Love and ping pong run deeply throughout this body of work, but you will see images of neither. They are the things that fueled and sustained me in the making of these drawings.”

Love was what powered her through long hours alone in the studio. Though the drawings don’t explicitly represent it, for Sandrini they stand as evidence of a time in her life when love was in abundance.

And ping pong? There was a ping pong table in the studio complex where Sandrini was working, and ping pong became a daily ritual. Simply moving her body after being still for so long, focusing only on a ball, a paddle, and a table, proved a great way to take a break without disrupting the creative flow. “I found it an incredible boon to my work,” says Sandrini.

Sandrini received her BFA from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and has worked at many prestigious galleries and museums in Philadelphia, in addition to running a papermaking business. She also had a rock band for six years and released three records with Absolutely Kosher Records in San Francisco. When she left music to return to the visual arts, Sandrini began to draw. “The love of charcoal and cotton paper took over completely,” says Sandrini.

“Love and Ping Pong” will show for one night only on Friday, November 15th with an artist’s reception from 7 to 9 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

One Twelve Gallery is located inside City Church Eastside, in Suite 5 of the Stove Works Lofts, at 112 Krog Street, Atlanta, GA 30307. The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment. For more information, visit


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