New Show October 24th “Displace”


One Twelve Gallery in the Stove Works of Inman Park presents Displace, an exhibition of mixed-media works by Brian Giwojna and Franca Nucci Haynes. Both artists explore themes of nostalgia and memory in their work, deconstructing and rearranging everyday objects and scenes to create something challenging and new.


Multi-media artist Brian Giwojna explores nostalgia, loss, and the passage of time in much of his work. Giwojna alters images to expose the dark side that can sometimes exist underneath a beautiful exterior. By eliminating sections from his images, he’s asking the viewer to imagine what was once there. Memory figures prominently in his latest work because of his mother’s recent diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease.


Collage artist Franca Nucci Haynes surrounds herself with the detritus of the everyday, which she collects on her travels and on walks around her neighborhood. She has a special fondness for the written word and often incorporates scraps of to-do lists and old letters into her abstract compositions. Haynes plays with the ideas of transparency and ambiguity in her work and is more interested in asking questions than in providing answers.

Displace opens Friday, October 24th with an artists’ reception from 7 to 9 p.m. that is free and open to the public. The show will run through January 2nd.

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